Luxury villa in Spain

What is a villa?

Villas are typically larger than single-family homes. They can have up to 20 bedrooms and generally have a more luxurious feel. They are also often surrounded by private gardens, vineyards or some other form of landscaping. This gives guests a sense of privacy and seclusion, while at the same time many villas still offer amenities found in regular hotels, such as concierge, catering and maids. Villas also tend to have pools or fountains, usually some type of water structure that adds to their sense of luxury. Villas are popular alternatives for vacationers who want to relax in a more intimate and private setting.

What does a villa include?

A complete villa includes: living room, several bedrooms, garden and private pool. In addition, a villa is built completely separate from the surroundings, so it is usually surrounded by private gardens and paths. The villa is increasingly appreciated and selected for its many advantages such as: spaciousness, luxurious design, perfect privacy. The villa is an ideal place to live, relax and gather for families during long vacations or happy weekends.

The costs of a luxury villa

Villa owners tend to have to pay other property fees that people who own normal homes do not have to worry about. Most people who own homes will have to pay a simple annual fee. This money goes to maintain public facilities such as the city pool or recreation center. Villa owners also end up paying quarterly fees. This money goes to maintain the grounds around the villa property or properties, as well as other costs, such as general upkeep of the villa properties, themselves

Most popular types of villas

You know what the villa is, but do you know the different types of villas? Currently, the most common types of villas are: detached, semi-detached and semi-detached. The characteristics of each type of villa are:

Detached villas

Individual villas are a type built in an independent architecture, forming a separate block. Individual villas include: front, rear, right, left with separate functions, but always harmonized as a whole.

Duplex villas

Duplex villas are not isolated as a single villa, but rely on the adjacent villa to create a unified and harmonious block of architecture, design, color, decoration and surrounding landscape. The two linked villas not only create a synchronization in architectural lines, but also increase the floor area, taking advantage of the numerous openings to build other auxiliary structures.

Combined villas

Villas that are built side by side in series are called adjoining villas. These villas also present a uniformity in their architecture and design, forming an attractive design as a whole.

Luxury real estate in Spain

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