Rent Villas or Mansions in Spain

How rent your villas or mansion safely

Are you thinking about renting your villa or mansion? In the following article we provide you with some practical advice so that you can make the best decision and rent your home safely.

Spain is characterized for being a country of homeowners, since about 84% of the Spanish population owns at least one home.
For this reason, in the following article we provide 10 tips to rent your property safely. The owner has a series of alternatives to cover his back when it comes to put his apartment on the market and to avoid scares, because renting is easier than it seems, you only need a few premises:

Look for the ideal tenant

The remedy to avoid headaches is to select the most appropriate tenant. It seems very obvious, doesn’t it? Finding a tenant who takes care of the house as if it were his own, who is also punctual with the payments and respectful with the members of the community in which he lives. It is not mission impossible.

Check his solvency

To do so, it is advisable to ask for a contract or a payslip, since this way you will know if he has a regular income. In addition, solvency studies are a practice increasingly used by real estate agencies. There are also different registers of defaulters that you can consult to find out if you have had previous payment incidences. These processes are always simpler with a real estate professional, because the tenant may be reluctant to provide a private individual with an identity document.

Keep in mind at all times that the perfect tenant does not exist: it is true that we constantly strive to find him/her, but you must be clear that he/she does not exist. There are people who are true professionals in first good impressions and then stop paying, do not get carried away.

In order to have a backup against this possible situation, you have the possibility of contracting a rental non-payment insurance specifically designed so that the owners do not have to worry about the collection if the tenant stops paying the installments.

Adjust the price

If it is not the first time you rent, you will already be aware of the price fluctuations. However, if it is the first time that you rent an apartment, it can happen that for different reasons you are emotionally tied and that will prevent you from seeing the matter clearly. Compare data of similar rentals. To do this, you can use a startup called Tercero B that collects all Spanish properties, you can consult data from the land registry, the Ministry of Finance, sales and rental data, with a history of the evolution of the price and information on all services in the area of the property.
Comply with the regulations: There is a clear regulation of urban leases regarding the deadlines of obligatory compliance of the contract, as well as the deadlines for the tenant to pay the rent. Do not try to filter abusive clauses, because it would not be the first time that a judge gives the reason to the tenant. Among the variations that the law has had in recent years, we highlight.

Better to talk face to face

A rental contract is not the same as a mortgage, but through it, a relationship is established between tenant and landlord that will last for several years. You have the mission to give the impression that you are willing to meet and talk in person with the tenant who is interested in your home, it will allow you to establish a relationship of trust.

Write a good contract

At this point it is important to have the advice of a professional who knows the law well and who is capable of defending the interests of both parties involved. He/she will help you to know what procedures are necessary, how to rent an apartment safely and what steps to take to hand over the keys. Before that, it is essential that you make an inventory of the house if it is not completely empty. Take pictures of the appliances, and of everything that belongs to you and that you want to keep. In addition, this inventory must be signed by the landlord and the tenant.
The law of Urban Leases does not establish the obligation to make the deposit of the deposit. The Autonomous Communities may establish the obligation for the lessors of urban property subject to this law to deposit the amount of the deposit regulated in article 36.1 of this law, without accrual of interest, at the disposal of the Autonomous Administration or the public entity designated until the termination of the corresponding contract.

Requests guarantees

The law stipulates that one month’s deposit is required, but many landlords ask for additional guarantees.
Try to keep the tenant happy: A rental can always be a very profitable business. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of a good tenant if you find one. For a serious and solvent tenant depending on which positions are going to seem unreasonable and uncomfortable. Remember that a bad decision can mean losing a tenant and future income.

Rent villas or mansions in Spain

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