Mansions vs Villas

Mansion vs Villa – What’s the difference?

When perusing our property listings, you’ll see many terms used to describe stately homes, including villa and mansion. While all are quite luxurious, there are distinct differences between the three types of property. If you have always wondered what the difference between a mansion and villa is, look at.

There are big houses, and then there are mansions. So what is a mansion and how is it defined?

What is a Mansion?

A mansion is a very large house, there are no legal definitions regarding a mansion’s size somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 square feet. But the specifics of what qualifies vary based on opinion and location. A mansion is also defined by luxury: tennis courts, large open foyers, grand staircases, crystal chandeliers.

The idea of a mansion is usually accompanied by a series of aspects linked to luxury and high social standing. In this sense, most mansions usually have a high number of rooms, as well as gardens, a large area for parking vehicles, swimming pool and a number of associated elements (for example, sophisticated security systems or an area for leisure).

For a mansion it is necessary that it is located far from the overcrowded urban space and in an enclave with some special charm (for example, near the sea, with mountain views or any other distinguishing feature). Obviously, this type of home is only within the reach of a minority of the population with an above-average economic level.

What is a Villa?

Villa can be very similar to a house in that it can closely resemble a standard, single-family home, but villas are also known for being luxurious, larger homes with their own gardens, vineyards or courtyards, hotel-like services, and water fixtures, like pools and fountains. Because of this, villas are known as more private, elegant destinations for people who want to go on vacation, but prefer to not stay in a hotel, where the atmosphere can be impersonal.

Villas can also carry a classic connotation, with soaring wooden beams and country kitchens. But today it is not true, as we can see in our villas, there are many luxurious villas with a very modern and attractive style. Today’s villas can be quite modern and minimalist, but there is still the same emphasis on outdoor landscaping as well as an airy interior.

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