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Altea has idyllic characteristics to choose to live such as a good climate, a healthy and quality gastronomy, a diversity of dreamlike landscapes and its high cultural and artistic level.

Find the best locations and properties in Altea with sea views, to enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

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Enjoy the Mediterranean climate in this privileged enclave, by the sea, surrounded by beaches, natural parks, people, culture, festivals and gastronomy.

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crystal clear waters

One of the main attractions of the municipality of Altea are its beaches and paradisiacal coves.

Boat mooring

Water activities, water sports and boat rentals.

Delights the palate

Altea has many restaurants where you can taste from international cuisine to local and coastal gastronomy, representing a diversity of many cultures, as well as landscapes and climates.

Villas for sale in Altea

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Discover why build your luxury villa in Spain. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa to buy in Spain or you want to custom build it, at Sir Mansions we put all the means to make your dreams come true. Your new luxury property in Altea.

If you are looking for a property in Spain, why not build your own villa? A self-built home will be more valuable than an existing property. You can customize it to your exact specifications to suit your every need. It is also the best way to get the most out of it in the long run. The construction process will also add value to your property. You can even build a home in Spain for less than you might think depending on the location and type of villa being built.

Building your luxury villa in Spain gives you total freedom to design, finance, build and own exactly what you want without limitations.

Villa with sea views in Altea

There are many reasons to build a villa in Altea. A luxury property is the perfect way to enjoy your retirement and plan for your future. The first reason you might want to build a custom home in Altea is because of its location. People choose Altea as their new home for many reasons; cities to fall in love with, beautiful beaches and fantastic weather.

Living in Spain

Spain is famous for many things. Some of them are olive oil, paella, sangria, the festive lifestyle and its great weather. But what about buying a property there?