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Investing in luxury properties in Spain

Some choose them as their first residence. Perhaps because they realize that living in the moment, enjoying each day as if it were their last, are no longer merely poetic phrases, but a dream that can be adapted to their routine. Green spaces, fresh air, recreational activities, relaxation and comfort in the same environment where their work and business take place. 

Others seek them as a semi-principal residence. Those who prefer to leave the weekends or vacations to soak up the peace and quality of life offered by these properties generally connected to their hobbies. These hobbies can be: hunting, fishing, agriculture, vineyards, skiing, beach or simply the silence or the spectacular views in order to forget about their routines.

In both cases, the connection with family and friends are among the priorities of the most privileged when deciding their next real estate purchase.

Why do investors choose Spain?

In recent years, Spain has been a place chosen by the great fortunes to invest in luxury homes. A trend that will continue to evolve despite the pandemic, according to experts. 

Several reasons justify that Spain stands out as a very powerful country in real estate investments. Its Mediterranean climate and its competitiveness as a tourist destination make it the second most popular tourist destination in Europe. In addition to being the world leader in Biosphere Reserves and in the number of World Heritage Sites. In addition, it is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. 

In addition, the competitive prices of the real estate market and the magnitude of the residential offer, make Spain an excellent opportunity for millionaires who want to add to their assets luxury homes for their habitual residence or to generate profitability through sale or rental.

Online properties in Spain

The 10 best cities in the world to invest in luxury homes

The report “Global Property Handbook” of the real estate Barnes 2021 edition reveals that the cities of Madrid and Barcelona are in the Top Ten of the best international destinations for investment in luxury real estate, placing Spain as the only country with two positions among the 10 most interesting.

The ranking is led by Paris and followed successively by: Geneva, London, New York, Quebec, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Moscow and Budapest.

Luxury real state in Spain

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